Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're Back!

Here we have a photo from an unknown session, at an unknown studio. But who better to have playing your session? In addition to being a fine jazz guitarist, Howard Roberts played plenty of pop sessions. To the right is Tommy Tedesco, with pianist Al DeLory popping out from behind. Ray Pohlman's in the shades and Lyle Ritz is on string bass.

Check out the great lineup of Fender Amplifiers. Have these ever been bettered? Note that Pohlman is playing a double-cutaway Danelectro 6-string bass. This is responsible for the tic-tac sound on a lot of records, or just for giving more definition to a bassline. He's playing it through a Bassman, which was actually considered a bass amp at the time.

Interesting to note also that there seem to be two pianos on this date, set up side by side; it doesn't seem to be a mirror-image.

We hope to bring you more regular content from now on, so watch for it! We also would like to ask anybody with an interesting story, photo, or question about 60s recording studio culture to contact us -- we love learning new things about this topic!

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